quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014

Lovely Light

The chaos seems to evolve you
and now it's confusing me
I recognize you appear so blue
but can be sure you're not empty
'cause I see through the way you do

Show the smile you fight to hide
behind those green innocent eyes
let them know the other side
I see when your head lies
down in the bed we divide

And just wake me up peacefully
my morning bright
Keep on waking me up peacefully
'till the end of time
My morning bright
My lovely light

Despite those haughty ways
you insist to show through
Those your look always betrays
For me you're not what you do
but I prefer when you're laze
I could sleep all day with you

In this mattress garden
your hair is like flowers
it smells so good, your skin is brighten,
holds me like anchors to the bed
and I know you want to do stuff
but I could dream with you instead

I could wake up in peace every day
if you stay and be my morning bright
My lovely light
Wake me up peacefully 'till the end of time.

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