sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

Losing myself in the rain

we're layed up in the cloudy sky
and he sang to me with no reason why
that sometimes you loose your control
"what a good excuse for an asshole"

as his bittersweet tears falled down
like flowers blossoming from walls
I won't hug him again like a clown
I'll fly with my pride as he falls

'cause the bells are now sounding
your songs of betrayal so right
and I can hear it through my door

'cause you choose the wrong thing
and you can't sleep at night
I swear you won't sleep anymore

one day I was told you weren't good
but still I believed that you could
make me feel like the only one loved
yes I feel like the only one shoved

and now I'm losing myself in the rain
I tought I wouldn't face it again
this time there's no need to get calm
it wasn't just another false alarm

so sing for me louder
and silence the bells
believe me it's harder
than a million farewells

so leave this place now
and wish me the best
believe I won't sough
I just need some rest